Sports & Games



The games and sports develop a team spirit among the students. The students also learn how to work together under a captain. Students learn the spirit of obedience, discipline and fairness. These virtues are learnt better through games than through books.
Games and sports have immense impact upon the character of the youngster. The captainship of a game require honesty and wisdom. A true sports man stand for honesty and judgment. Before independence the role of sports and games in educational institution was limited.


Thus the health of the students and the nation was affected. But now the sports and games have been given special status in educational institution.
Our school provides excellent opportunities for the development of sporting prowess in children. Games are compulsory and our students have traditionally excelled in sports and games. We send students for Sahodaya Athletics Competition especially in track event 100mts, 200mts, relay(4×100, 4×400) and field such as discus, javelin, shot put throw and jump events. They came out with outstanding performance there and get participation certificate. They get opportunity to participate in various school athletes and collect new experience. Inter house games and inter class games are also organized periodically. The qualified physical education teachers organize some of the prominent activities provided by the school provision of outdoor games. Every class has a game period a week physical education teacher organize games and sports in a professional way. The school also has basket ball, handball, badminton and kabaddi court, indoor games such as chess, caroms etc. played during the game period.
All sports activities are conducted under the guidance of physical education teacher.