Pre-Primary Education is (age of 3 to 6 years) considered to be very important for the child as it is the first step towards entering the formal school. The main purpose of pre-primary education is to prepare children physically,, emotionally, socially and mentally for formal schooling. Here is nature essay examples essay writer uk the place where a child learns his/her first lesson.

ln school, lessons are put in practice through dumpkey an organized curriculum, learning aids and by interacting with other children. This can be nurtured in a child only by a teacher. So the teacher becomes the second parent of the child. ln our pre-school, we adopted “Life Style Method”, to develop 123 Readiness skills. They include pre-reading, pre-writing, Arithmetic, listening skills, verbal skills, manipulative skills, social, physical and emotional skills. Their motor muscles are also developed through the varied activities included in the system in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Under the guidance of Trained Teachers with the co-operation of parents, the school is providing an absolutely excellent positive and safe first-hand experience of education.