Extra Curricular Activities


Education does not mean mere collection of knowledge but mould a child intellectually, physically and mentally. Education makes a person to live with dignity. Students are different way and so their talent. Arts and sports play vital to make a child mentally and physically fit. Students participate in the programmes which conducted in the school house wife. We celebrate Independence Day, Children’s, Gandhi Jayanthi, Gurudeva Jayanthi, Onam, X’mas and other important festivals. Various programmes like dance items, music items, fancy dress, drama, classical items etc. Students are conducted and talented ones score and awarded later.
Teachers provide enough support to the students and they guide them positively. They create enough confidence and make up themselves in all level. Talented students are selected and they were sent to Sahodaya Fest. We sent students for various competitions like literary, drawing, dance etc. They can develop their confidence and power by involving in various programmes together with other students.
Every year, we upgrade our students by providing enough opportunities inside and outside the school campus. We create a positive relation with them and encourage them in all level.


The whole school is divided into various clubs such as Social Science club, Literary Club, Environment Club, Maths Club, Newspaper Club etc. The club activities help our students to perceive accurately think effectively and act creatively on self selected goals. We educate our children not only for goals but also for life.

To develop our students’ co-scholastic skills, various are conducted every year. Alternate Fridays are assigned for Club activities. In the literary club the students are supposed to present variety of literary items and their various skills and this enable them to develop their spontaneous language growth and it is regarded as the most effective means of language acquisition. The Programme we included in the literary club are debate, dramatization, versification, recitation, group discussions, role play, literary quiz, book reviews etc.

Scientific activities help to improve the creative skill, develop scientific attitudes, develop logical thinking etc. For that purpose, we prepare students to engage in such activities willingly. We conduct debate, quiz, group discussion, nature walk, demonstration of various experiments, seminars etc.

Club activities increase the interest of students in subject. It motivates the students for learning more. In club activities students can improve their aptitude, creative thinking, logical thinking, construction skill, drawing skill etc. Programmes such as exhibition of models,  quiz,  presentation of inventions in Maths, Maths, Fun, puzzles etc.

The aim of social science club is to include social values among children and mould them to become a social animal. Programmes such as quiz, role play(imitating national leaders) exhibiting coin collection, stamp collection, speeches on various subjects, patriotic song, group discussion, debate on social issues, mock parliament etc. are included.

The goal of the environment club is to aware the pupils the significance of “Back to Nature”. As related to “Nallapadam Project” we plant sapling, make school garden, conduct awareness programmes etc.

The most significant events of politics, environment, major crisis of people etc are discussed in the Newspaper Club. Discussion on significant events, debates on political issues etc are conducted. It inculcates the pupils to know the society well and encourage them to live for society and nation.