High School



High School years at the school are classes from VIII to X with external examination held in class X. lt is a time which is critical for preparing students for their next step. (By this age our students are becoming leaders, develop as mentors, role models and peer supporters for the young children. The academic curriculum consists of Malayalam, Mathematics, English, Science, social Science and Computer Science. Throughout their years in K N S Central School, we guide them to lay the foundation for the creation of adults who are comfortable to articulate the views and take on the responsibilities of a global citizen.

The C C E method is following in the school classes also. Assessment is an important aspect of teaching and learning. lt should be used to support the holistic development of students. Assessment should focus more on providing information on the learning progress of the child. Teachers will use a range of assessment tools, including written and performance tasks to enable them to provide feedback to students on their mastery of concepts and skills as well as their strengths and areas for an improvement.