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The wish that Maaveli was granted by Lord Vishnu was to be able to see his people once every year and K.N.S school ensured that the sight he saw this year was a grand one indeed!

Preparations for Onam celebrations this year were on an altogether grander scale than ever. At our school , preparations started a whole day ahead on the 21st ​of August ​afternoon itself. Students got together in large groups and started making a variety of traditional decorations using kuruthola (tender coconut leaves) and hanging them . These preparations went on all through the night with the student community getting together and drawing a pattern for the pookalam (traditional flower carpet) and also removing the petals from kilos and kilos of  colourful flowers all to be used the next day.

It does not stop there. The next morning at around 7:30, ​​a group of students started laying out the large pookalam outside the School.

By 8:30​am​ Onam celebrations were in full swing. Young ladies looking stunning in their traditional saris and young men resplendent in their colourful choices of kasavu mund.

Once there, students were treated to a Thiruvathirakali (dance done by the women) which had almost 20 participants. Musical performances were also given. But perhaps the highlight of the day was our new friends , who is fighting against autism . The idea behind celebrating Onam with mentally disabled ones was of our manger , Dr. Divya Satheesh . We all enjoyed a good day with them. Our students easily became interactive to them. We offered then ONAKKODI & ONAKIT . They enjoyed our pulikali, kuppiyil vellam nirakkal , thavalachattam , vadamvali etc.

The day ended with music and everyone dancing till it was time to leave with great reluctance, which just goes to show what a great day it was

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